Diversity & Inclusion


Let’s achieve more together

We appreciate the value of what makes us different, and how much more we can achieve together because of it.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Ferring, we are inspired by our commitment to advocate for everyone’s right to build a family, no matter who you are, where you live or who you love.​

Ferring is an organization where diverse opinions, backgrounds and experiences leads to better decision making that better serves the patients that we are here to help ​

For each and every one of us at Ferring, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is integral to the way we work. We know that it is the combination of our strengths and diverse backgrounds, experiences, expertise, and perspectives that enables us to find solutions to the most challenging problems.​

No matter you who are, at Ferring you can feel understood. Our inclusive community is representative of the full spectrum of human differences with people from diverse genders, ages, ethnicities, physical appearances, sexual orientations, religions, educational backgrounds and more. We believe diversity not only brings richness to our work environment, it contributes to the success of our company. Ferring is a place where a wide range of thinking and ideas can be shared openly with respect, support and encouragement.​


Capability + Welcoming

For each and every individual at Ferring, Diversity and Inclusion  is integral to how we work. We  appreciate the value of diverse background that People bring in which makes us different, and help us to achieve much more together.​

At Ferring, we encourage inclusive culture which supports People coming from diverse backgrounds to have the opportunity for creating genuine impact. With high exposure, they can advance new ideas to make a positive impact on People’s life.


Unique +  Diverse

Although we are all unique, at Ferring we all have one thing in common— a compelling purpose that drives us all to do what we do best each day and each hour with a true passion. ​

We treat others with respect. We listen to one  another and openly share our ideas. And we never lose sight of why we do what we do—to improve the lives of patients and their families around the world.

As a company focused on improving reproductive medicine and maternal health globally, we also recognise the additional disparities that minority communities can face when trying to build a family. Click here to read more about our Project Family Initiative

Diversity & Inclusion is a consideration in all of our systems, processes and services we provide.  From the way we hire, select, appoint, promote, develop, train and pay our people to the ongoing development of our working environment and culture.​

At Ferring, we strongly believe that being different makes us better.

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