Career development


Career Development

Ferring is committed to supporting all employees in their career development and to ensuring all our team members receive the right level of support and progression.

Career development

We offer career development opportunities and support the learning process for employees, who are considered jointly responsible for their own learning and continuing professional development.

We believe it is essential for employees to have the opportunity to enhance their skills, competencies and knowledge in order to improve their own and Ferring’s performance. With training, education and other development methods, Ferring supports employees’ development plans.

At Ferring, you have access to many parts of the business, its leaders, and its opportunities, enabling you to broaden your expertise and bolster your experience. We’re committed to helping you achieve your goals in a culture that inspires learning and curiosity.

The Ferring Dialogue

The Ferring Dialogue is our performance management tool. It supports meaningful conversations between employees and direct managers that align personal goals and results, across key company objectives, the Ferring Philosophy and our Leadership Principles.

We provide opportunity for a regular check in through Continuous Dialogue module which provides a more systematic approach to performance discussion and defines a manager’s role more clearly in supporting the performance and career development of the employees. Employees and managers regular discussion enable both manager and employee document performance to date, as well as progress against individual development plans.

Ferring Emerging Leaders Program

We are all aware of Ferring India’s journey from phase of Building to Outperform over the last 8 years! Now that we want to RISE(Re-emerge,Innovate,Surpass,Evolve) again and outperform, it is important to understand that building & driving High Performance Culture is significant which has to be unanimously felt, thought and acted on across all levels of the Organization. As part of this culture building initiative, Ferring India Leadership team(FLT) felt pertinent to build Second Line Leadership Team who will drive the initiative of High Performance Culture.

The concept of “FEEL” (Ferring EmErging Leadership) team emerged out of this thought where in Ferring India would like to drive Culture of High Performance by empowering and enabling Second Line Leadership team.

Employees have the opportunity to be part of this culture building intervention by participating through the manger recommendation.

The expectation from “FEEL” team is to suggest innovative ideas, practical recommendations for the company in order to contribute towards driving the initiative of building High Performance Culture.

The “FEEL” team shall be involved in the following:

1) Conduct monthly meetings
2) Review company performance and Feedback
3) Suggest/Recommend action points at FLT Level

The further process will involve –

a) Review of “FEEL” recommendations by FLT
b) Feedback to “FEEL” team
c) Implementation of approved action points/suggestions

STEP UP – To advance by one or more steps

STEP Up is local talent management program, which is focused towards building future leaders for a successful senior management career.

Every two years, Ferring local leadership team nominate talents to take part in STEP UP.

There are 3 levers of the program –

  1. You
    a. Bring value
    b. Grow leadership
    c. Develop self-awareness
  2. Others
    a. Think big picture
    b. Work with each other better
    c. Build stronger teams
  3. Organization
    a. Achieve objectives
    b. Build the business
    c. Sustain growth

Talents who are selected for this program are developed to enhance their Leadership Agility – moving from being expert in there areas to being Catalyst The program is built on 70:20:10 learning model, where –

  • 70% – relates to On the Job experience
  • 20% – is focused on Mentoring & Coaching
  • 10% – is related to classroom, courses and training

The program has building blocks on which participants are measured for their progress –

  • Leadership Initiatives
  • Individual Coaching
  • Development Council Meeting
  • Group Coaching
  • Contact Sessions

The program drives accountability and development through four big roles –

  • Participating leader – Owns the Work of Development and Change
  • Program Team (Coach and Facilitator) – Creates Conditions For Learning and Growth
  • Sponsoring Leader – Provides Active Support & Feedback
  • HR – Monitors and drives the Process and Provides Feedback

Talent Next Generation (TNG)

Talent Next Generation (TNG), our global talent management program, helps prepare a select group of future leaders for a successful senior management career. Every two years, Ferring managers around the globe nominate future leaders to take part in TNG.

Team members who are selected for this program develop a broad array of leadership competencies and skill sets across a range of assignments. With a strong emphasis on increased self-awareness, TNG is based on eight competencies that are critical for the future success of our people and our company, which include dealing with ambiguity, strategic agility, innovation management, creativity, negotiating, motivating others, planning and command skills.

The program includes:

  • Management trainings and eLearnings
  • Mentoring and networking
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • International or stretch assignments
  • Engagement in a global business project
  • A variety of professional assessments

APAC Tiger Program

A regional talent development program aimed at developing young talents and future leaders of Asia Pacific. Supplementary to Global Talent-Next-Generation (TNG) Program

The participants of the program:

  • Management nomination and selection
  • High performers and/or with high potential as identified during our Global Talent Review and Succession Planning process
  • Potential successors to leadership positions

Program Highlights –

APAC Tiger is 12-18 months leadership development program with following building blocks –

  • Strength Based Development through Clifton StrengthsFinder
  • Mentoring
  • Project work
  • Workshops
  • Individual Development Plan (with manager)

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